Tarraleah is a highland village with an industrial past that's been transformed into a unique resort on the edge of Tasmania's beautiful wilderness.

Once home to workers on one of Australia's first hydro-electric schemes, Tarraleah has been restored as an idyllic village with original cottages that were hand-built in the 1930s. Each of these homes is now holiday accommodation with 21st century comforts.

There are plenty of outdoor activities, including fly fishing and high-altitude golf on a course tended by the local wallabies. a range of accessible nature walks and guided tours, from treks through the wilderness to kayaking, cycling and four-wheel-driving adventures.

The striking views from the town are dominated by massive steel water pipes that run down the sides of the mountain side; a powerful reminder of the sheer force of nature that creates hydroelectricity and the reason Tarraleah was created in the first place.

To do

  • Walk to nearby Tarraleah Falls
  • Take an all-dirt road bike ride tour through bush that commands beautiful views, dense bush, a waterfall and the biggest 'syphon' you'll ever see

Tarraleah Power Station

The Tarraleah Power Station is an engineering marvel. Sitting on the west bank of the Nive River in the Highlands of Tasmania, the power station draws its water from a variety of different sources, including the Butlers Gorge Power Station. Flowing through a series of channels and pipes, the water eventually drops through 290-metre penstocks into massive turbines to power the island. And you get a bird's eye view of this process from the Tarraleah Power Station Lookout.